Thursday, October 6, 2011

Time Flies...

When they say that time flies, they aren’t joking. It doesn’t even feel like September started, let alone is already over! A week didn’t go by in the month of September where I was home. Between trips to South Bend, Cleveland, South Bend again, Pittsburgh and Cleveland again, I was a busy girl! I’ve been able to spend time with some of my most favorite people and create more unbelievable memories.

The best memory of all though came on September 29. My little nephew, Anderson Edward Wood, came bursting onto the scene, a 6 week early surprise just like his auntie! I’ve been dying to meet him since the day I learned that my sister was pregnant and the day my sister went into labor I had told my grandmother, “I just can’t wait to meet this baby!”

Well, I got my wish and he certainly hasn’t disappointed. It was definitely an exciting day. My parents were in Vegas when we got the news that my sister was in labor and my mom luckily was able to catch a red eye home. I picked her up from the airport, we rushed to the hospital and four hours later, we stood in the hallway, looking at the newest addition to the family through a window.

And, as cliché as it sounds, I was hit by what a miracle life really is. This little boy, laying there, grasping his dad’s hand on one side, his grandma’s on the other, was inside my sister’s belly only an hour before. All I could think was, here is this perfect little boy that we had all been waiting to meet for so long and now here he is.

The next thing that hit me was that my baby sister is now a mom. Crazy. And in the week that little Anderson has spent on this earth, he’s already one of the luckiest little boys in the world because he’s got two awesome parents. I’m blown away at how well the two of them have handled every situation that’s been thrown at them. My little sister is not just my little sister anymore. She’s a mom and an amazing one at that.

And don’t get me started on my brother-in-law. There aren’t many people who can make me laugh as hard as he does and I always knew he’d be a good dad, but he’s beyond that. I’ve always loved the way that he’s loved and protected my sister and I can see how that is going to translate into his role as a father.

He’s one lucky boy to have them as parents. But we are all luckier and more blessed to have him in our lives.

I can’t wait until the day I can hold him for the first time. I can’t wait until the day he comes home. I can’t wait until the day he says his cool aunt Tricia’s name for the first time. I can’t wait to get to know what a cool little kid he’s going to be. Of course, with how fast time is moving around here, I shouldn’t have to wait long for any of those things.

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